Little and Junior Sprouts Wednesday May 13th


Bees live together in a colony, inside a hive. The drone (or worker) bees work really hard to take care of the queen bee, collect pollen, and make honey. Have a look at this video that shows what happens inside a bee hive:


Here are some pictures of bees working hard to collect pollen from different plants. Look at each picture, do all the bees look the same? How many different plants can you count in the pictures?

purchased from our friends at Montessori Nature


The pictures below show how a bee transforms throughout it’s life cycle. Draw each stage, and make sure to label it! Send us a photo of your work.


Can you make a bee out of play dough? What can you use for legs? What about eyes? You can find things around the house to use.

If you don’t have play dough at home, here’s an easy recipe to make some!

or try making honey playdough with this recipe:


Here’s a song about bees, ask and adult to help you read the words

Join Coach Kieran- all you need is a cone and or a waterbottle and a soccer ball.

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