SK May 15th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Friday! I’ve had so much fun learning with you all week. Today is our art day and we’ve got a really fun activity to do with you! Let’s get started!



Hermit crabs live on the ocean floor! To protect themselves the hermit crab borrows a shell and makes it their house. Find yourself a box, laundry bin, or something similar and place it on your back. Is it easy to move around? Try it out! Are you able to eat a snack with your “shell” on your back? Try it out!


We are going to make an ocean creature craft but first you need to guess what we’re making! Ms.Julia has included a riddle below.. Do you know which ocean creature she is thinking of?

For this craft you will need white paper, scissors, paint, glue, pipe cleaner and a black marker! (You can swap out pipe cleaner for strips of paper instead).

1. Apply paint to child’s left hand and press onto a piece of paper. Allow to dry.

2. Cut a circle out of white paper for the hermit crab’s shell. Using a pencil draw swirl on the the shell.

3. Lightly dab paint onto the hermit crab’s shell. Allow to dry.

4. Cut the handprint out when the paint has dried, cutting around the fingers.

5. Attach the handprint to the shell of the hermit crab so that the fingers are pointing downwards. Attach the thumb to the back of the hermit crab’s shell.

6. Attach either the strips of paper or the pipe cleaner to the top of the crab.


Hermit Crab made several new friends over the year. Have a discussion with your child about friendship and what it means to be a friend. Ask your child to write down five words that describe being a good friend.

There are a lot of changes happening lately! Have a discussion about how Hermit Crab embraced change and how we can too.

Review the vocabulary words and circle time sentences below!


Vancouverites are certainly used to the rain. Join Coach Dylan as we play out in the rain with Bob in today’s adventure! (Video #5).

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