SK May 19th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend! This week we are going to dive into discussing non living things in our ocean. Our first topic- plastic! Does it belong in our ocean? No! Let’s learn how to dispose of plastic properly.



A type of plastic most commonly found in our lakes, oceans, and rivers are nurdles! What is a nurdle? A nurdle is a small, plastic, pellet that is used in the production of plastic products. Fish and birds mistake nurdles for food and eat them which can be harmful to their bellies! It’s important to pick up even baby plastics to help out our little fish and birds!

Do you remember what a poop glass and garbage check is? Explain to your parents why we do these checks in the forest! If you can, grab a parent and walk around your neighbourhood. Try to pick up 5 pieces of garbage and either recycle or throw it away! If you are unable to pick up the garbage, try to think of ways that we could prevent garbage being left outside! *Please be careful while completing this task. Bring gloves, hand sanitizer and a bag for the garbage.


Collect different items around your household to create a recycled sea creature habitat. (Items that could be used would include egg cartons, plastic water bottles, caps, plastic bags). Ms. Ruth and her son, Dylan created one below to give you some inspiration!


Ms. Julia has a non living object that she is thinking of. Her riddle is linked below. Can you guess what non living object she is thinking of? Now it’s time to make your own riddle!

Look carefully at the picture below and write down the objects that should not be in the ocean. Should the items be recycled or thrown away?

Click the link below to review Ms. Andrea’s poem for this week!


Join Coach Kieran and the team as we visit the Zoo in today’s adventure

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