Little and Junior Sprouts Tuesday May 19th

Hi Everyone,

We hope that you had a lovely long weekend! Our new sound this week is sh. Sh is the sound that you say when you are trying to get someone to be quiet.  Sh is the beginning sound of shampoo, shower, sheep, shark, shop, shadow and shape. Sh is the end sound of fish, crash, brush, dish and wish. Here are some pictures. Which ones begin with sh and which ones end in sh?


Here’s a fun song with some words that begin with ‘sh’, have a look!


Look closely at the pictures below. Some start with our new sound ‘sh’, and some start with the ‘ch’ sound. Say the name of each picture. How many start with ‘sh’?

purchased from MoreThanMathbyMo

Print all the ‘sh’ words.


Shark begins with ‘sh’. Follow the directions below to draw a shark!


Ship begins with ‘sh’. I found some really interesting ships that are made of recycled materials. Have a look:

What can you find around your house to build a ship with? Maybe something from the recycling bin. Once you’ve built it, see if it floats in the sink or the bathtub! Send us a picture of your creation!


It’s time to practice your soccer skills! Join Coach Kieran on his adventure to the Zoo.

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