SK May 20th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Wednesday! Today we are going to dive deep into the ocean and learn about r-controlled vowels! Let’s get started!



The ocean can be dark and stormy. These two words are r-controlled vowels.

Can you pick out the words that have “ar” and “or” in the list below? Read them out and write them down! Choose one “ar” word and one “or” word and write a sentence!

  • port
  • short
  • stormy
  • fork
  • car
  • dark
  • shark
  • far


Click the link below to complete the r-controlled crossword puzzle!


Click the link below to complete the a-maze-ing sentence sheet!

Click the link below to download and print off the r-controlled go fish game! *You will need scissors to cut the cards out.


Join Coach Kieran and the gang as we head to Superhero City in today’s adventure! (Video #2).

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