SK May 21st Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Thursday! Today is our math day and we’re going to practice our measuring skills! Let’s get started by comparing and measuring lengths!


You will need 3 different objects in order to compare and measure lengths for this activity. If you can, walk around your neighbourhood and find 3 different buildings. You can name the buildings A, B, and C. Write down the order of the buildings from tallest to smallest. How did you know? You can also do this activity by picking 3 different objects in your house!


Click the link below to practice your measurement skills! * You will need scissors and a pencil for this activity.


Try to find, then measure, these household items in the link below!

How many units tall? Click the link below!


Yeeehhhaaaa Cowboys & Cowgirls! Join Coach Dylan as we saddle up and set off to the wild west! (Video #4).

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