Little and Junior Sprouts Thursday May 21st


Ladybugs are often called the cutest insects and some people think that they are good luck! These are the parts of the ladybug. Do you know where the wings are?

from Preschoolers and Sunshine

Do you remember that we talked about bees last week? These are the parts of the bee. Compare it to the ladybug. How are they different? How are they the same?

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:bumble bee anatomy.png
from Preschoolers and Sunshine


See if you can name all of the parts of a ladybug. Use the words at the bottom of the page. Try sounding out the letters to read the words. Print the words after you read them.

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:ladybuglabelling.PNG

See if you can name the parts of a bee. Which insect do you like the best?

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:beelable.png


Listen to this poem and draw and colour a ladybug with spots of black.

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:Ladybug poem.PNG


Read the words on each ladybug below. Point to each one that rhymes with ‘bug’. How many can you find?

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:Ladybug reading.PNG

You can find a rock and make it into a ladybug friend.  What is the name of your ladybug?


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