SK May 22nd Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Friday! We’re going to go over what we learned this week! Let’s get started!



As you saw in the video, it’s very easy for sea creatures to mistake plastic for food and for protection! This is why it’s super important to keep plastic out of our ocean! Do you remember what a nurdle is? (A small plastic pellet that birds and fish mistake for food!) How can you help keep our ocean clean? Tell your mom or dad and write it down on a piece of paper!


We’re going to build a sandcastle! What kinds of supplies are you going to need? Paint a picture of the biggest sandcastle you can fit on your paper! Make sure you include some shells! Make it big, bright, and beautiful! Write a sentence down to describe your painting and show your mom or dad!


Land or water? Click the link below to complete the sorting worksheet!

Click the link below to review the circle time sentences!


Argghhhhh me matey’s!! Join Coach Kieran and the team as we race to Treasure Island. Watch our for the pirates! (Video #5).

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