Sprouts May 25-29

Welcome back everyone! We are so excited to see all the happy faces at Sprouts again . We have missed you so much!


This week we’re going to talk about spiders! Below is a song, which tells you some of the differences between spiders and insects. Ask someone to help you read the words:

purchased from our friends at Kindy Kats

Look at the picture below:

Draw a picture of a spider, and a picture of an insect. Remember to add the correct number of legs and antennae. How many legs are in your picture all together?


Here is a video about different kinds of spiders!

What did you learn about spiders from the video? Tell someone in your family.

Kindergarten kids, record what you learned:


I found some fun snacks made to look like spiders, have a look:

What can you make a spider snack out of? Send us your ideas!


Here are a couple more spider activities to try, (the instructions are written at the top):

purchased from our friends at My Happy Place
purchased from our friends at My Happy Place

Spiders use their spinnerets to make webs! For this craft you will need :

  • 1 paper plate
  • hole punch
  • twine
  • scissors
  • beads

To create these webs you will use paper plates, twine and beads. First, cut a circle out of the paper plate, then punch holes around the circle. The more circles, the more twine you will need. Help tie a piece of twine on and then let your kids lace the twine in and out of the holes to create their own web.

On the last lace, add a bead to represent your little spider. Then tie off the twine and let your kids proudly display their spider web.

Click the link below to practice your math skills! Count the number of spiders and write the corresponding number on top! Kindergarteners can subtract the bigger number of spiders from the smaller amount in each square. *You will need math tiles or a marker to write on top of the webs.

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