SK May 5th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Tuesday! The ocean is one of my favourite things to explore because there is so much to learn! Today we are going to be learning about the ocean’s ecosystem. Let’s get started!


An ecosystem is made up of abiotic (non-living) and biotic (living) things! There are five main characteristics that describe living things:

  1. Living Things Breathe
  2. Living Things Grow
  3. Living Things Move
  4. Living Things Reproduce
  5. Living Things Need Food and Water

Your house is an ecosystem! Walk around your house and collect 5 items that are abiotic (non-living). Next, count the members of your family (pets can be included). What does your ecosystem include? Write your answers down and draw a picture to match what you wrote! Ms.Julia included her ecosystem below.


Click the link below to print off the nonliving vs living game! You can either print off and tape the pieces together or use one sheet at a time! You will need a “marker” for each player.

**The players look at the three pictures in front of them and choose one to cover up. While the players cover up a picture, they must tell if it is living or non-living thing and tell why. Once the players  finish putting down the “marker”, they place that card at the bottom of the pile and draw a new card. If they get a BUMP card, they may take off an opponent’s piece. If they draw a FREE space, they may place a marker wherever they want.


Click the link below to complete the living and non living worksheet! You will need scissors and glue for this activity.

Click the link below to download, print, and play the ocean animals matching game! (Print off two copies of each page to ensure there is a match!)


Join Coach Andrew (Vorcey) as he takes us on an amazing adventure with the Trolls (Video #2)

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