Little Sprouts & Junior Sprouts May 5th

Hello Friends! Welcome to our Tuesday lesson. We’re going to talk about plants this week, since so many are growing and blooming right now!


Here’s a fun song about plants to get us started, have a listen!


There are so many kinds of plants plants! Bushes, trees, flowers.  There are over 391 000 varieties of plants. Isn’t that incredible?

These plants are some of my favourite. How many can you think of? Count them, print the number.

Green leafy plants- Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash


Let’s draw a flower. Thanks to Ms. Emma for the flowers.

Here is a book about plants from my friend, the librarian, Ms. Kim Thomas- Plants! By Time for Kids, Brenda Jasefoli


Let’s do some math together! Count the number of pictures in each box. Some of them are tricky, do your best. Print the numbers on a piece of paper.


This is on of our favourite songs about forest animals! Ask an adult to help you sing it. Think about other animals you might see in the forest, can you sing about them too? What about a raccoon? Or a woodpecker?

Here is an interesting article about plants that your parents might be interested in!

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