SK May 6th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Wednesday! Today we’re going to explore the “kn” digraph. Let’s put our learning hats on and get started!



“Kn” makes the “n” sound. We’re going to go on a “kn “scavenger hunt! What household items begin with “kn”? Let’s walk around our house and find them! There’s an item in the kitchen that begins with “kn” and it is sharp! Can you guess what it is? (A knife!) Write the word down. Our next item is on a door. Can you guess what this word is? (A knob!) The last item on our scavenger hunt is something you would make using a rope. (A knot!). Write your answers down!


Let’s review the digraphs we’ve learned so far! Click the link, print and download the game to begin. **You will need a marker, dice and a bingo dotter (or colouring utensil).


Ms.Julia likes to help out around the house as much as she can! What do you do around the house to help out? Click the link below to complete the writing prompt.

Click the link to print another game to help you practice the “kn” digraph! * You will need dice and a “marker” for this game.


Join Coach Kieran and the gang as they visit the hungry giant in today’s adventure. (Video #3)

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