Little Sprouts & Junior Sprouts May 6th


We are still talking about plants! Do you know what plants grow from? Did you say a seed? You’re right all plants start out as seeds. Here’s a poem about a seed, ask someone to read it to you.

Can you draw a picture to go with the poem? Make sure to send us a picture of your illustration!


A seed is a part of a plant. Do you know the name of any other plant parts?

Have a look at the picture below. Print each word. Can you see where each label belongs?


Did you know that we eat plants everyday? Have a look at the picture below, it shows many plants that we eat, and which part of the plant they come from.

Have a look around your kitchen, how many plants can you find? This is what Mrs. Erin found in her fridge. Did you find any of the same plants in your fridge?

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Here’s one of our favourite stories called Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson – read by the Story Time Family. Enjoy!

Ms. Lisa found this beautiful painted rock garden, and shared a picture with us. Is there a spot in your yard where you can make a painted rock garden?

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Happy Feet- Coach Kieran and his adventure with the Hungry Giant

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