SK May 7th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Thursday! Today we are going to be talking about measurement! How do we know how big or small something is?! Let’s find out!


We can measure all different kinds of things! For instance, we can measure ourselves! Do you know how tall you are? Stand with your back against the wall and put your hand at the top of your head. Ask your mom or dad to measure your height using a household object or ruler! (Ie Ms.Julia is 1 and a half broomsticks tall OR 5″8!). Record it on a piece of paper. Now it’s your turn to measure your mom, dad, or sibling! Are you taller or shorter? Write down your answers!


Using the measuring tool that you have found or created, find three different objects in your house to measure! An object could be the fridge, table, or bed. Or the tv, window, and countertop. Can you put them in order from biggest to smallest? Make sure you write down your answers!


Click the link below to complete the measurement worksheet!

Click the link below to practice your graphing skills!


Join Coach Kieran and the rest of the team as we help the PJ Masks save the day in today’s adventure! (Video #4).

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