Little Sprouts & Junior Sprouts May 7th


Have a look at the pictures below. Can you name the part of the plant in each one?

Go outside, with an adult, and look closely at a plant. What parts can you identify?


Have you ever wondered what the different parts of plants are for? The diagram below explains what roots, stems, flowers and stems do. Ask an adult to help you read it. What did you learn?


Plants are alive! Did you know that. They need a few things to help them stay alive. Have a look at the sheet below. Can you print each word, and draw a picture to go with each one. Send us a picture of your work!

Here is a story from the librarian Ms. Kim Thomas- A Seed Grows by Pamela Hickman and Heather Collins


What’s Missing? Look closely at the first picture of different plants, then look at the second picture and see what is missing (try not to peek!).

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What is missing?

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If you guessed the orange and the yellow pepper, you are right! You could put some items from the house on a tray and play this game with a sibling or a parent.

You can make some flowers with some items that you find around the house.  Here is an idea from Ms. Lisa.

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Happy Feet Soccer- Coach Kieran’s adventure with PJ masks

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