Junior Sprouts – April 27th

Hello Friends! Welcome back to school, I hope you had a good weekend.

We have a new letter of the week, and it’s a tricky one! Our new sound is ‘x’…it makes a sound like ‘cks’. Try saying it a few times.


Here’s a fun song about the letter ‘x’. Have a listen!

There are not very many words that begin with ‘x’. In fact, I can only think of two…

Say the name of each picture. Does the ‘x’ sound the same at the beginning of each word?


X is a tricky sound, there are not very many words that begin with ‘x’. There are lots of words that end with it though. Have a look at the pictures below, and say each one. Which ones end with the ‘x’ (‘cks’) sound?

I can see 6 words that end with ‘x’…how many did you find?


Here’s a short video that shows how to print an ‘x’.

Now it’s your turn to practice! Print 8 ‘x’s on a piece of paper, and circle your best one. Now, look around your house and see what you can make an ‘x’ out of. What about Lego, pencils or small crackers? Send a photo of what you find!


Ms. Lisa talked to you about frogs at circle time this morning. In Spring, frogs have come out of hibernation and lay their eggs. If there’s a pond near your house, you might be able to hear frogs croaking at night, or on sunny days when they are basking in the warmth of the sun.

Let’s start to think about frogs; what they are, what they can do, and what they have. I’ve shared some of my ideas on the sheet below. Ask an adult to help you divide a paper into 3 sections and add your own ideas!

Ms. Lisa also showed me this fun art project using a painted rock, and a paper plate. If you have the supplies at home, maybe you can make one too!


It’s Monday, so don’t forget to practice your soccer skills with Coach Kieran!

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