Little Sprouts Monday April 27th

Happy Monday Everyone!  We hope that you had a lovely weekend!  Guess what animal we are learning about this week?  It’s a mystery. I’m an animal that can hop and I rhyme with log.

If you guessed frog, you are right!  Did you know that frogs have eggs, the eggs turn into tadpoles (some people call them pollywogs), then they turn into froglets and then frogs.


Tadpole to frog video with Ethan Spencer- Quad Squad

Our letter of the week is X. The x has 3 different sounds, X as in x-ray, x as in fox, and x as in xylophone. Can you say the 3 x sounds?

X video


Remember the song the hokey pokey? You can sing this song to the tune of the hokey pokey.

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:Blogs:pictures:xsongkidspress.png


Our letter X is often at the end of the word and it says the “camera” sound “x” like you are taking a picture. Look at these pictures and pretend you are taking a picture when you hear the “x” sound.

Fox, box, six


Try this memory game and make sure that you say the x sound.

Description: MacBookAir:Users:henrik:Documents:Blogs:pictures:memorygameglimmercat.png


Soccer with Coach Kieran

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