Little and Junior Sprouts May 11th

Hi Everyone,

We hope that you had a wonderful weekend and a fabulous Mother’s Day!

Our letter sound for this week is ‘ch’. ‘Ch’ is the sound at the beginning of choo-choo, like a train. So the action for it is to pretend that you’re pulling on a train’s whistle. Can you think of any words that begin with the ‘ch’ sound? ‘Ch‘ is the beginning sound of chair, chase, cheese, chew, child, chin, cheetah, cherry, chipmunk and chicken. Can you think of any words that end in the ‘ch sound?

What is the meal that you eat in the middle of the day? Lunch.

Where do you go to play in the sand that is beside the ocean? Beach.


Watch this video about words that have a ‘ch’ sound in them:


Have a look at the pictures below, each one has a ‘ch’ sound. Say each word. Is the ‘ch’ sound at the beginning or the end? Choose 3 words to print.


I’m thinking of a bird that begins with the ‘ch’ sound. I’ll give you a few hints:

  • It lives on a farm.
  • It clucks and pecks the ground.
  • The females are called hens, and the males are called roosters.

Did you guess a chicken? You’re right! Let’s draw a chicken. Follow the directions below.

Here’s how Mrs. Erin’s chicken turned out!


Have an adult read you the questions below. Can you decide which animal doesn’t belong in each group?


It’s Monday, so let’s check in with Coach Kieran and see what fun soccer adventure he has for us today!

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