SK May 11th Adventure

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This week we are going to dive deep into the ocean and explore all of the wonderful mammals that live there! Are you ready? Let’s go!


Today we’re going to go fishing for rhymes! Do you remember what a rhyming word is? Two words that sound the same! Nice work! Grab your pen and paper and let’s write some ocean words down:

  • Whale    
  • Snail
  • Shark
  • Shell 
  • Kelp

Choose rhyming words for each word above and write it down!


Riddles are a fun way to learn about ocean animals. Pick your favourite ocean animal and write 3 clues for your mom or dad to guess. Ms. Julia has shared her riddle below. Can you guess what ocean animal she is thinking of?


Click the link below to review our Ocean poem for this week!

Click the link below to complete the shark or dolphin writing prompt!


Join Coach Kieran and the HappyFeet team as we help Scooby Doo catch the Candy Monster in today’s adventure

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