Little and Junior Sprouts Tuesday May 12th

Let’s learn about bees! Did you know that bees are very important? Bees pollinate flowers so that seeds can grow and new plants can continue to grow. We can thank bees for our yummy fruits and vegetables. Honey bees also take pollen and nectar from flowers to make honey in their bee hives.



Bees are insects. Insects have many things in common with each other, including the parts of their bodies. Have a look at the picture below that shows that parts of a bees body. Ask someone to help you read the words. Can you draw a bee and label it’s body parts?


Let’s do some bee math together! Count the number of bees in each row and print the number. Next, count all the bees and see how many are on the whole page!

Make sure you are printing your numbers correctly. Follow the directions below if you’re not sure.


Here’s a song to help you remember the parts of an insect’s body. Ask an adult to help you sing it!

purchased from our friends at Kindy Kats


Create some bee art. If you don’t have paint, you could trace the foot and use markers or paper for the bee.

Try a bee treat.

Let the children cut up bananas with a plastic knife, dip into honey, and then into corn flakes. The kids love it!

A Making Pizza adventure with Coach Kieran

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